Past Scholars' Stories

Zade Kurdieh

Class of 2014

I want to again, thank you for seeing something special in me and believe that I will make a difference in the world. I cannot emphasize how much this award this means to me. The fact that I was able to win this scholarship not only boosted my confidence overall in life, but it made tackle more obstacles in my life. Why can't I be a doctor? Why can't I be a leader? Why can't I be the best runner at UIC? Why can't I voice my opinions? Why can't I make a difference is this world? I don't understand why I can't be something special in this world. I've realized that we all start from the bottom and we have to work our way up. I know I want help the world and be the best person I can be. Overall, I just wanted to show my appreciation for scholarship.

Dahra Mehta

Class of 2012

I applied for the scholarship because financially it was definately something I struggled with how to pay for college.  It has been an honor to receive this award.  Definitely in the future, I would love to give back to the Mather community. In some little way, be able to help future Mather studnets.

Zikra Mohideen

Class of 2012

I needed more financial assistance and through the scholarship I can get that financial assistance to pay my way through college. The scholarship will help me greatly. I completely want to help give back to the Mather students in the future.

Ramon Robles

Class of 2010

Receiving the Mather Alumni Scholarship meant more than just receiving money to me.  It kind of made me feel that somebody else believed in me.  That is more valuable than any dollar amount. When I graduate college and start my own law firm,  I would like to give back to the Mather Alumni Scholarship Fund ten fold if not one hundred if possible.  Really, because I feeel it is a great program and without it I wouldn't be where I am today.