Spark Classroom Grant

Started in 2014, grant money has been available to Mather personnel to enhance learning opportunities and to provide access to unique opportunities for the Mather student body.

The purpose of these grants is to provide funds for the implementation of innovative and supplemental learning, "above and beyond" what is available from CPS. Our goal is to reach many Mather students, to enhance their opportunity for growth, with an emphasis on the arts and sciences and to "ignite" their love of learning.

Joel Hellman, Class of ’67, initiated this fund in honor of his cousin, Carol Hellman Dragon, Class of ’65, in honor of her work on behalf of Mather students.   Both Joel and Carol agreed that our future, and the future of our country, depends upon nurturing and developing the talent that percolates in the multi-cultural population, one which is clearly represented at Mather.  They want the Mather students to experience those magical moments in education, when adolescents begin to see possibilities for their futures.

All current Mather High School personnel may apply, teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, and sponsors of school-sanctioned extra-curricular activities. These requests may be made for the benefit of an entire classroom or a select group of students or individuals.

The Spark Grant during the Pandemic

The people funding and reading these grants are Mather Alumni, many of them current and former CPS teachers. We all care enough about our high school and about the development of the current Mather student body, to make this commitment. We are very excited to have this opportunity to "give back" to Mather.

If you would prefer to mail your donation, simply print the donation form and mail it with your gift, to our office.


Attention Mather Personnel: To learn more about this funding opportunity and to apply for a grant, download the following documents: